Special Rapporteur publishes report on the situation of indigenous peoples in Namibia

By | 2 May, 2013

namibiaGENEVA (2 May 2013) Today the Special Rapporteur made public his report on the situation of indigenous peoples in Namibia. The report was developed on the basis of research and information gathered by the Special Rapporteur during an official visit to the country from 20 to 28 September 2012. In the report, the Special Rapporteur calls on the Government to “strengthen measures to ensure that minority indigenous peoples can survive with their cultures intact in the fullest sense, including in regard to their traditional lands, authorities, and languages.”

The report notes innovative land restitution efforts and land management arrangements carried out by the Government while also highlighting under-representation of indigenous peoples that are ethnically distinct from the majority tribes of Namibia in decision-making at local and national levels, among other issues.

See the United Nations news release here and the report here.