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Contact Information

The Special Rapporteur on indigenous peoples welcomes information from various sources on matters relevant to his mandate. Those who wish to submit information and request the Special Rapporteur’s intervention in specific cases of alleged human rights violations should review the communications procedure and instructions on submitting information to the Special Rapporteur. Contact the Special Rapporteur:… Read More »

Submitting information to the Special Rapporteur

To carry out his work, the Special Rapporteur relies heavily on information from indigenous peoples, their organizations and NGOs. The Special Rapporteur encourages these sources to submit information that relates to his mandate from the Human Rights Council, which is to promote the human rights of indigenous peoples and address specific situations in which their… Read More »

Communications Procedure

An important aspect of the Special Rapporteur’s work is to receive and exchange information with indigenous peoples, their organizations and other sources. The Special Rapporteur relies heavily on information submitted to him in relation to all areas of his work, including promoting good practices, country reports, thematic studies and responding to alleged violations of the… Read More »