Conference on mining and other natural resource extraction in the Sami territory

By | 20 June, 2012

sapmi-anayaThe Special Rapporteur was in Jokkmokk, Sweden, on 18 and 19 June 2012, where he participated in conference on mining and other natural resource extraction in the Sápmi, the Sami territory that traverses the northern parts of Finland, Norway, Sweden and the Russian Federation. The conference, which was organized by the Swedish Sami Association, provided the Special Rapporteur the opportunity to hear the concerns of Sami representatives, particularly with regard to the impacts of extractive industries on Sami reindeer herding, and to also hear the perspectives of government and industry representatives who were present. In a presentation at the conference, the Special Rapporteur emphasized the need for effective domestic legislation, along with corporate social responsibility policies, to protect indigenous peoples’ rights in the context of proposed or existing extractive activities.

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