Special Reports

By | 6 October, 2008

Special Reports focus on specific topics, themes or situations. A Special Report may include observations and detailed analysis on a specific case usually following a visit to the country concerned. Thematic issues are also addressed in the Special Rapporteur’s annual reports to the Human Rights Council and General Assembly.

2014 Perú. Observaciones sobre la ampliación de exploración y extracción de gas natural en el Lote 88 del proyecto Camisea

Anexo a A/HRC/27/52/Add.3

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Index of reports of the Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, James Anaya, by theme and by region.6 september, 2013


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 Consultation on the situation of indigenous peoples in Asia


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Measures needed to secure indigenous and tribal peoples’ land and
related rights in Suriname. Aug, 18, 2011


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La situación de los pueblos indígenas afectados por el proyecto hidroeléctrico El Diquís en Costa Rica.  Jul,11, 2011.


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Observations on the situation of the indigenous peoples of Guatemala in relation to extractive and other types of industries affecting traditional indigenous territories – with an appendix on the Marlin mine case. Jun, 07, 2011.

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Observations on the progress and challenges in implementing the guarantees of the Constitution of Ecuador on the rights of indigenous peoples.

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Preliminary Note on the application of the principle of consultation with indigenous peoples in Guatemala and the case of the Marlin mine. A/HRC/15/37/Add.8
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Observations on the Northern Territory Emergency Response in Australia. A/HRC/15/13/Add.4
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 2009 International norms on the right to consultation in relation to constitutional reform concerning indigenous peoples in Chile. A/HRC/12/34/Add.6
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Observaciones sobre la situacion de los pueblos Indigenas de la Amazonia y los socesos del 5 de junio y dias posteriores en las provincias de Bagua y Utcubamba, Peru. A/HRC/12/34/Add.8
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Observaciones sobre la situación de la Comunidad Charco la Pava y otras comunidades afectadas por el Proyecto Hidroeléctrico Chan 75 (Panamá). A/HRC/12/34/Add.5
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Conclusions and recommendations of the International Expert Seminar on the role of United Nations mechanisms with a specific mandate regarding the rights of indigenous peoples. See also full report. A/HRC/12/34/Add.7
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Observaciones del Relator Especial sobre la situacion de derechos humanos y libertades fundamentales de los indigenas acerca del proceso de revision constitucional en el Ecuador (Junio 2008). A/HRC/9/9/Add.1 Annex 1
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You may find the reports of the previous UN Special Rapporteur on indigenous peoples, Dr. Rodolfo Stavenhagen,
at the
web site of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.