Indigenous peoples should be genuine partners in development

By | 9 February, 2012

2012-02-09-kirkenesKirkenes, Norway 9 February 2012. In a keynote speech delivered in Kirkenes, Norway, Professor Anaya underlined the key developments that have taken place in recent decades aimed at safeguarding the rights of indigenous peoples, while calling for a new model of development in which indigenous peoples have the opportunity to be genuine partners, especially in the context of natural resource extraction taking place in or near their traditional territories.

The Special Rapporteur’s speech was delivered at a conference on “Indigenous peoples, corporations, and the environment,” which was organized by the Working Group of Indigenous Peoples of the Barents Euro-Arctic Regional BEAR). The Working Group, a consultative body affiliated with the intergovernmental Berents Euro-Artic Council, is composed of representatives of the Nenet, Sami, and Veps peoples living in Barents region which spans across far northern parts of Finland, Norway, and the Russian Federation.

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