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The Special Rapporteur receives information provided by indigenous peoples, their organizations and other sources related to concerns over alleged violations of the human rights of indigenous peoples. In appropriate cases, and at his discretion, the Special Rapporteur may intervene by sending a confidential communication to the concerned government requesting information, commenting on the allegation and suggesting that preventive or investigatory action be taken. If circumstances warrant it and the government consents, the Special Rapporteur may conduct an on site visit to himself investigate the case. See communications procedure and submitting information to the Special Rapporteur. Communications reports are annual summaries of the communications sent by the Special Rapporteur and replies received, along with observations that in some cases may provide an evaluation of the situation and recommendations.

Communications. Cases Examined 2010-2011. Full Report

Cases examined by the Special Rapporteur ( 2010 – 2011) A/HRC/18/35/Add.1, 22 August 2011, – PDF (English-Spanish) {module 183|none} This report is complemented by, and should be considered along with, the joint communications report that is being submitted for the first time for all special procedures mandate holders (A/HRC/18/51).    

Cases Examined 2009-2010 Full Report

Cases examined by the Special Rapporteur (June 2009 – July 2010) A/HRC/15/37/Add.1, 15 September 2010, 15th session HRC – PDF (English-Spanish) Go to case…– Cases Examined 2009-2010. Full Report01. Argentina: La situación de las repercusiones de desechos tóxicos en Abra Pampa, Juju…02. Argentina: El supuesto desalojo y conflictividad territorial en la comunidad indígena…03. Australia: The… Read More »