Special Rapporteur releases observations on the proposed expansion of the Camisea natural gas project in Peru

By | 24 March, 2014

jamesanayaonuThe Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, James Anaya, presents a series of observations and recommendations regarding the initiatives being carried out to expand the Camisea natural gas extraction project within Lote 88 in Cusco, Peru. The proposed expansion will potentially affect indigenous peoples living within and adjacent to Lote 88, including indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation or initial contact. The Special Rapporteur’s observations were developed following exchanges of information with the Government of Peru, indigenous representatives, non-governmental organizations, and the Pluspetrol company, including during a visit to the country in December 2013. In the coming months, the Special Rapporteur will make public his full report on the situation of indigenous peoples in Peru in the context of extractive industries.

See the report here (spanish)