Chile arrives at agreement with Mapuche protesters in hunger strike; Special Rapporteur issues public statement on situation

By | 3 October, 2010

chileOn 1 October 2010, the Government of Chile arrived at an agreement with Mapuche prisoners who had been in a hunger strike for 82 days in the Concepción, Temuco, Lebu and Valdivia jails. See the agreement here [Spanish only]. In the document, the Government agreed to desist from pursing charges of terrorism against Mapuche protestors and to reconsider these charges under ordinary criminal law. This agreement follows a statement issued by the Special Rapporteur on 24 September 2010, which called upon Chile to initiate a good faith dialogue with representatives of the Mapuche prisoners in the hunger strike and to enact appropriate reforms to the Anti-Terrorism Law and Military Justice Law. See the statement of the Special Rapporteur here [Spanish only]