Annual presentation to the Human Rights Council and interactive dialogue

By | 21 September, 2011

onu-sala-hrcOn 20 and 21 September 2011, the Special Rapporteur presented his fourth annual report to the Human Rights Council in Geneva. In his report, the Special Rapporteur provided a brief overview of the work he has carried out over the past year, and offered some comments on his study on extractive industries operating in or near indigenous lands.

He also presented to the Human Rights Council reports on the situations of indigenous peoples in New Caledonia (France); the Republic of Congo; New Zealand; and the Sápmi region (traditional territory of the Sami people) in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Special Reports involving cases and situations in Guatemala, Suriname and Costa Rica were also presented.

Following the presentation of his report, the Rapporteur heard comments from representatives of governments, indigenous peoples and non-governmental organizations present. See a video of the Special Rapporteur’s presentation here.

See also the Rapporteur’s statement here and a press release on the issue of extractive industries here.