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Peru: Consultation Law marks a key step forward for the country Print
25 August 2011

peru-congressThe Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples congratulates the Congress of Peru for the recent passage of a consultation law for indigenous peoples (Ley del derecho a la consulta previa a los pueblos indígenas u originarios reconocido en el Convenio No. 169 de la Organización Internacional del Trabajo) on 23 August 2011. He considers it an important step forward for indigenous peoples' rights in the country. The Special Rapporteur hopes that the passage of the law reflects a strong commitment by the Peruvian State to respond to the demands of indigenous peoples to be consulted about measures that directly affect them, and in particular about extractive industry projects in and around their territories. Therefore, he urges the President of the Republic to promulgate the law and calls upon the Government to take all necessary measures to ensure the adequate implementation of the law.

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