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Government programs in Australia need reform to advance indigenous self-determination and avoid racial discrimination (March 2010) Print
20 March 2010

australia1_resizeThe Government of Australia is to be commended for various programs aimed at reducing the disadvantaged conditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples; however, in a number of respects these programs should be better devised to advance the cultural integrity and self-determination of these peoples, says Special Rapporteur James Anaya in a report following a visit to the country. Especially troublesome, he says, is the government’s Northern Territory Emergency Response, which includes a series of aggressive measures that discriminate against aboriginal people in a manner incompatible with Australia’s Human Rights obligations. See Press Release and Report.

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Respect for cultural diversity, participation and redress for historical wrongs are key issues for indigenous peoples in Botswana (Feb. 2010) Print
20 February 2010

botswanaDespite government programs aimed at improving the economic conditions of the Basarwa (San) and other indigenous peoples in Botswana, these peoples continue to suffer disadvantage, concludes a report by Special Rapportuer James Anaya. Government programs in Botswana should be better adapted to advance the rights of disadvantaged indigenous peoples in accordance with contemporary international standards, he says. See Press Release and Report.

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Colombia should address indigenous peoples' issues with more urgency (Jan. 2010) Print
20 January 2010

colombia_resizeThe State of Colombia has devoted significant attention to indigenous issues and to the development of plans and proposals to address the recommendations of the former Special Rapporteur, but indigenous peoples in the country continue to face serious problems which have not been addressed with the urgency that the gravity of the situation merits, says Special Rapporteur James Anaya in a report following a visit to the country to examine progress made after his predecessor's visit there. See Press Release and Report.

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The Special Rapporteur's first report to the General Assembly (Oct. 2009) Print
30 October 2009

onu-ga_resizeImplementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples would both bring historical justice to that too-often ignored segment of humanity and develop stronger democratic, multicultural societies, the Special Rapporteur on indigenous issues told the Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural) of the UN General Assembly. See Press Release and Report.

Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Peoples visits Ecuador (Dec. 2009) Print
29 December 2009

ecuador_resizeFollowing up to an earlier visit to the country, Special Rapporteur James Anaya visited Ecuador from 7 to 9 December 2009 to participate in an initiative to develop legislation to recognize indigenous justice systems and to examine the implementation of constitutional protections of indigenous rights. See Press Release.

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UN expert on Indigenous Peoples concludes visit to the Russian Federation (Oct. 2009) Print
20 October 2009

russia_resize"I am impressed by the several initiatives by the Government of the Russian Federation and regional governments to address the concerns of the country’s small-numbered indigenous peoples," stated James Anaya, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous people, as he concluded his visit to Russia. "Significant challenges remain, however, to consolidate and effectively implement these initiatives for the benefit of these indigenous peoples," he added. He also noted that indigenous peoples in many places continue to suffer from poverty, unemployment, and related social ills, and face impediments to their access to traditional economic activities and effective participation in the decisions affecting them. See Press Release.

Special Rapporteur calls for independent commission to investigate the events around Bagua, Peru that resulted in several casualties (July 2009) Print
10 July 2009

peru_map_resizeFollowing an visit to Peru to examine the events of Bagua, Peru in June 2009, Special Rapporteur James Anaya issued a report with several recommendations to clarify the facts surrounding the events and to address the underlying problems related to shortcoming in the protections for the rights of indigenous peoples. See Press Release issued at the conclusion of the visit and Report.

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Charco la Pava and other Ngobe communities in Panama threatened by construction of a hydroelectric dam (May 2009) Print
25 May 2009

panama_resizeA report by Special Rapporteur James Anaya done after an on site visit to Panama finds significant flaws in the government’s authorization for the dam and the ongoing construction project. He calls for a new process of dialogue with the affected communities to obtain their agreement on the terms of the project and for measures to ensure respect for their land and other human rights. See Report.

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There is room for improvement for the Adivasi Janajati, the indigenous people of Nepal (Dec. 2008) Print
24 December 2008

nepal_resizeAfter his visit to the country, Special Rapporteur James Anaya noted that Nepal’s government has achieved some positive developments in improving the human rights of Nepal's indigenous peoples, but that a number of concerns related to a history of discrimination against the Adivasi Janajati remain. See Press Release issued at the conclusion of the visit and Report.

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Special Rapporteur concludes visit to Brazil (Aug. 2008) Print
25 August 2008

brazil_resize"Despite advances, exercise of the right to self-determination for indigenous peoples – that is, real control of their own lives and lands – is still a major challenge for Brazil." This was the main observation of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous people, S. James Anaya, as he concluded a 12-day visit to Brazil. See Press Release issued at the conclusion of the visit and Report.

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